A real revolution in rehabilitation and pain treatment.

Integrated therapy with Indiba Activ device - is used in practically all diseases and dysfunctions of the locomotor system.
Indiba® Activ is a unique, patented technology that applies thermal and non-thermal current to tissues and cells via electrodes. Medical technology Indiba® Activ based on 448 kHz radio waves gives excellent results, such as faster tissue healing, pain reduction, return to activity.

The thermal and non-thermal action of Indiba technology combined with the dynamic manual skills of the therapists releases the body's internal ability to rebuild damaged cells.

Indiba® therapy is suitable for sports medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, injuries and chronic pain. The technology has been thoroughly researched and refined so that it can also be used in patients with metal implants and cancer.


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• Quick results already in the course of the session

• Pain relief

• Optimization of the motion range 

• Promoting flexibility 

• Acceleration of natural healing processes

• No side effects

• No contraindications in working with an oncological patient


Top athletes from around the world trusted Indiba Activ to effectively treat and prevent musculoskeletal trauma. The innovative solution has already been used by over 200 largest sports federations in the world, e.g. the European Football Championship. FC Barcelona, FC Liverpool, Arsenal London, Team Ferrari and many others.

We cross the border with Indiba Activ Therapy!




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