Impact wave BTL SWT

It is a non-invasive, modern solution to eliminate chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system. It is used in such diseases as painful shoulder syndrome, tennis elbow, back pain, tendon pain and inflammation, and many others.
The high energy of the shockwave affects the tissues of the body in a multidimensional way, among other things through: neovascularization, accelerated removal of metabolic products, stimulation of collagen and dissolution of calcified fibroblasts. The action in this area provides excellent conditions for accelerated regeneration, thanks to which the proper functioning of the body is restored and the pain is eliminated.

Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA - ChocoWine

  • Quick relief from pain,
  • A non-invasive alternative to surgery of chronic inflammatory conditions and calcifications,,
  • Effective restoration of mobility.


BTL HIL high-energy laser

Laser affects tissue quickly and effectively, reducing pain and accelerating regeneration. High energy laser is recommended for the treatment of many diseases - from injuries and inflammatory conditions to degenerative changes in the joints.
Dwór Kombornia Hotel & SPA - ChocoWine


  • Effective treatment of sports injuries and muscle overloads.,
  • Immediate reduction of pain in spine and joint ailments.


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